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Kayla & Wes Walker

“My husband and I came from a church where we didn’t feel like tithing – even though it was taught and preached on. During a generosity series, Pastor Brad taught and preached on tithing and giving generously above and beyond your tithe – my husband and I felt convicted and moved to start giving a full, first 10% tithe. We were both nervous and worried if we would have enough money to work with. There were times when the tithe was given and bills were paid that only $10 was left in the account until the next payday…. But that $10 lasted and we never went without our necessities. We did give up the eating out & random shopping. Because we gave God the first 10%, He stretched our 90%. Last week was tough – there was an error in the bank account & there was no money to tithe with – since we didn’t make God the first 10th, we felt bad and were going to give this week.

This week we received an inheritance check from my grandfather who passed away in August – we were not expecting this money at all! Wes’ first words were, “Wow! Pastor was right, trust HIM & HE will take care of us!” With that money we will be able to catch up on our land commitment and give a love offering. Thank you Pastor Brad for helping us open our eyes and hearts to God’s teachings and walking in faith with Him! We are looking forward to the great things about to happen at COC and with the Walker family!”

Barry & Kim Nimmick



I wanted to inform you of the blessing that the whole Nimmick family has received due to being involved in a Small Group.

Bear with me as I know I am going to be long winded…

In the Spring of 2010, Barry and I started attending COC Metro. Candi (my sister) and her husband Dana had checked out a “new” church that was meeting in a school on 380.

While Candi was a teacher at Prosper High School, Haley must have held up the life of a Christian while in class, she had to of so that Candi would feel compelled enough to visit the church of which her father was the pastor. This simple yet complex thing leads to a turn of events in not only my life, but the lives of my extended family.

This is where the domino effect takes hold…Candi and Dana check out COC, they invite me and Barry; from there we pull in Brent and Doro Nimmick, Gayle Solomon (Barry’s Mom) and Don and Jerry Nimmick. I know that Barry felt blessed to have both of his parents, although divorced years ago, attending and enjoying the same church services. The stream does not end there, one of Doro’s co-workers, Brandi, listens to every pod cast each Monday morning. (Her husband does not believe in “church” as I understand it.)

Barry and I were both raised in Christian homes, but we were part of that group that removed themselves from the church they grew up in for various reasons. We no longer attended services on a regular basis and ended up the type to show up on Holidays. Not that our faith had been shaken, but something I can personally say was a rocky break up with the church (not with Christ). When Barry and I met we knew we were both believers, but neither of us was too gung-ho about finding a church. It was not until COC kind of fell right into our lap and we both knew we found our “home.”

At first, we just started inviting our friends to come with us to service, from there we pulled an Apple and bought school clothes for needy children, but we continued to stay in the shallow water.

It was the small group that next caught our attention; in the fall of 2010 we started the “Fireproof” class that was held at the Allen’s home. Throughout the class we not only became closer as a couple and opened up to each other, but we also started to get to know some of the other couples and open up to them as well.

Again, this set off another chain reaction…we felt more comfortable with the people we were getting to know and wanted to do more, know more people, and serve God with more passion. This lead to us inching a little more into the deep end by me volunteering to bake for the Caffeine Station and Barry getting up early on Sundays to help with church set up. As Barry met more of the men in the church he began helping out as an usher and collect the tithes and offerings during service. I started volunteering in the Children’s ministry by working in the nursery. From there, I moved on to help with Beach Blast, working as Kindergarten group leader.

In January 2011, Barry was baptized; one of the most wonderful scenes to watch in all of my life. (I was baptized on April 15, 1990 at the church I grew up in, Southwest Christian Church, Austin, TX)

Now, Barry and I serve together in the nursery. I continue to bake and Barry continues to help with set up, being an usher and Offering Collector. We also are involved with the Impact Teams as I co-lead the Exhorter Team and Barry is part of the Service Team. In the Spring we will also be a part of the Small Group teams as we take on the challenge of finding out if we are following God’s plan and purpose for our lives, as we co-lead with the Moore’s in the “Purpose Driven Life.”

Not only do we volunteer, but obviously so do Dana and Candi…Gayle (worked Upward soccer & nursery) and Doro (nursery duty.) So the first domino effect has worked into the second chain reaction where the family has also started to serve. We found out as a couple and a family that if we were to just close our eyes and follow our faith that we will be led to do wonderful things. It all started with joining a Small Group!”

Update: 3.16.16

“It can now be added that not only did we attend small groups, several since this first e-mail was written, along with going through Re-Engage, we now also lead our own small group (for the past year and a half).

Barry still gets up early on Sunday mornings for set up – he is one of the leaders in Men of Valor – he sits on the board of directors and leads our home in the way God intended a man to do for his earthly family.

Together we lead a small group on Tuesday nights in our home and we both serve in the nursery and tear down. Our kiddos also like to stay involved as Bailey loved working on the Impact team and finding out about her spiritual gifts.

By stepping out in faith and joining a small group so many years ago – our lives have changed and now we are seeing the lives around us change as well.”


Sundays 9:45am and 11:15am


1701 Navo Rd, Aubrey, TX 76227