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Why “It’s A Girl Thing”?

The answer is simple… women understand women. When you feel misunderstood at work, home, or in your daily life in general, what better people to turn to than your sisters at COC. We are there for one another; it may be through prayer support, Bible study, a girl’s night out, an encouraging note, or just simply a smile and a kind word. Women are busy so we don’t want to monopolize all your time but we do offer several events and activities through the year in which you can participate. Here are just a few examples: Spring & Fall Bible studies, women’s conferences, Canton shopping trips, Women’s Retreat, brunches, and fun girl’s nights out.

We also offer a group called CELEBRATE MOMS….a place for moms to connect and be encouraged.  This group is for moms who would like to connect with other moms.  Are you a mom looking for a way to engage with other women during the day?  Sometimes being a mom with “littles” can be a lonely job.  Or maybe you just need to know that you’re doing a good job at this “mom thing” and your kids will be okay. Come be a part of this ministry, connect with other moms in your stage of life, and learn from some moms who have already raised their children!  Moms of older kids are welcome to join in the fun too!  Moms of young kiddos can always use mentors to encourage them.

For information on CELEBRATE MOMS, contact Angie Garrett at celebratemoms@cocmetro.com.  Facebook information available at COC Celebrate Moms.  Join the Facebook group today and feel free to invite your friends.

If you’d like to receive updates on upcoming events, please contact our Women’s Ministry Director, Sarah Wilkerson.

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